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Electric Passenger Rickshaw | Singham EV

Electric Passenger Rickshaw has many benefits as a means of transport, the most important eco-friendliness. Air pollution is India’s major problem and the vehicles running on petrol and diesel only serve to contribute to the increasing air pollution.

At Singham, we understand the need for these electrically operated rickshaws, which is why we have manufactured a line of Singham EV.Our vehicles are available in attractive color and features. Singham electric vehicles are available in varied colors ranging from glossy orange, electric green, soothing blue and signal red.


Singham E Rickshaws are specially designed to suit Indian conditions and ensure smooth handling on Indian roads. They are crafted from standard quality materials to deliver supreme quality service. The Electric loader design provides a smooth and comfortable ride for both the driver and passengers as well. Singham E-rickshaws in India are designed in a way that there is plenty of legroom and sufficient back support to make it a joyful experience for the passengers.


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