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U.P. Telelinks Limited manufactures and markets Singham - zero-emission commercial electric rickshaws that are designed to be a superior-performing alternative to traditional manual peddle and fuel propelled auto rickshaws.


Our e-rickshaw designs leverage more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing and continuous product development. With extensive manufacturing facilities in Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh and Rudrapur in Uttrakhand, key centres of industrial activity in an emerging market, Singham is an indigenous product approved by the Government of India. We have partnered with dealers and distributors across India and are expanding our reach to Nepal, Bangladesh and other countries.


Incorporated in 1984, U.P. Telelinks Limited is one of India's leading wire and cable, and electric vehicle manufacturer with its Corporate Office based at Ghaziabad, India. We have been pioneers in manufacturing an extensive product range using contemporary manufacturing technologies ensuring our products are fully compliant with international specifications.


Singham is proud to call itself the best E-rickshaw manufacturer and a truly green establishment for E-rickshaw in India. We take pride in manufacturing customized electric vehicles and and Ecart manufacturer with unique design and efficient engine output. These e-rickshaws are designed for the host of applications across dealers, industries, and businessmen. We, at Singham, ensure that our vehicles are manufactured with the vision to save our environment and conserve our resources with these E-rickshaws.


Transforming lives in emerging markets




Draw on in-depth expertise, local market sensitivity, authenticity in approach and global standards to innovate and deliver quality products and services creating enduring value for customers



Our innovative management style focuses on quality and we believe in long term relationships with our customers and suppliers. Our e-rickshaw designs emphasize quality, safety, ease of operation, simple maintenance and product longevity.

We strive to achieve and maintain consistent quality in our products and services through implementation of a comprehensive quality system, improved working methods, regular communication and a skilled and passionate team. Our in-house manufacturing and testing facilities are in accordance with leading international standards and follow stringent Quality Control Systems with advanced measurement and test equipment.

Singham E Rickshaws are specially designed to suit Indian conditions and ensure smooth handling on Indian roads. They are crafted from standard quality materials to deliver supreme quality service. The Electric loader design provides a smooth and comfortable ride for both the driver and passengers as well. Singham E-rickshaws in India are designed in a way that there is plenty of legroom and sufficient back support to make it a joyful experience for the passengers.


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